Wednesday, May 9, 2012

An evening of inspiration...

At nearly 19mos. my son has brought me side splitting laughter many times throughout the day.  It was one particular evening (tonight) that inspired me to share the "happenings" of one family's life.  A few statuses I shared on Facebook tonight are:

My son is hysterical! - While reading ribbit, "Monday the Bullfrog," he says every bug or animal by name. At the end of the book he yells "bat!". Why is this funny? Because just prior to reading he requested to "wat basa-ball". He thinks the exclamation point at the end of the book is a baseball bat and we cannot convince him otherwise.

My husband is not a "tough daddy" - while reading ribbit my son stands on the couch which he knows is worthy of a short timeout (seeing as how in the last 5 minutes he has attempted this no action at least 10 times). Trent proceeds to sit Noah down and count to 10....1,2,3,4 and Noah then shouts 8!....Trent loses it laughing and all lesson is lost.

My son cracks me up - while running like a mad man through the living room he comes to a complete stop, looks at Trent who is sitting in the chair and yells "nose". He runs over and pulls hard on Trent's pocket which is hanging inside out of his pants. He thinks white pocket inserts are tissues available for nose wiping.

My dog is tortured - Just as Tyler laid down on the floor, finally resting his old bones a ball bounces and lands on his backside causing him to leap up and move. A few minutes pass and once again old retired Ty Ty slides his way to the floor. Within one minute our son runs right over his paw causing yet another sudden jump. No my friends it doesn't end there. Tyler attempts even a third time to find that toddlers, balls, and resting dogs do not cohabit well. End of the story, Tyler walks over, picks up the tennis ball Noah is playing with and refuses to give it back.